Core offering

Poetry is a consulting firm dedicated to supporting clients who aspires to unlock business value by designing outstanding customer experiences.

Key areas of expertise

  • Customer experience · Business Innovation

  • Service design · Research & insights

Customer experience:

A great customer experience creates brand loyalty and unlocks business value. Poetry supports companies with the strategies, creative concepts and actionable plans needed to deliver positive, meaningful experiences across customer journey interactions.

Business innovation:

Ideas worth pursuing brings value to both users and businesses. By exploring the intersections of people, brand, and technology Poetry helps clients find and act on the business opportunities that matters. In short, we help generate, design, validate and realize ideas.

Service design:

No experience is an island. By using service design methodologies Poetry helps clients innovate and design products and services that are considerate of both business strategy, brand strategy, context, user needs and to the people and processes that goes into delivering them.

Research & insights:

To design the rights things right you need input from real people. Poetry uses qualitative research to capture insights that drive strategic and operational decision making, business innovation and customer experience design. We also do quick, fluid research integrated with rapid prototyping work or shorter design sprints.


  • Saint-Gobain · IKEA · Lindab

  • Sony · Nord-Lock · Riverty